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How to Deal with Allergies Without Leaving Home

by Pentucket Medical Associates

If you’re allergic to something, you undoubtedly know the pain in the neck that comes with having an allergy — but you may have wondered what exactly causes your symptoms in the first place. Here’s how it works: when you’re exposed to an allergen, antibodies release a number of immune system chemicals, such as histamine, that cause allergy symptoms. Common allergy triggers include airborne allergens, such as pollen, animal dander, dust mites, and mold.

Here are a few ways you can try to tackle your allergies at home:

Pollen Allergies: Try showering daily to wash away the pollen that you were exposed to during the day. Use air conditioning instead of opening the windows to cool off. Definitely avoid using a clothesline, use a dryer instead to dry your clothes.

Furry Friend Allergies: If you notice that exposure bothers you, then avoidance is key! If you own any furry friends, do try to keep them out of the bedrooms. By the way, there are NO hypoallergenic dogs despite commercial claims.

Dust Mites: These critters are microscopic and you will never see them (thank goodness)! If you’re getting enough sleep every night, you spend the largest amount of time in one spot: your bedroom. Decreasing your exposure by using a dust mite-proof mattress and pillowcase will help. Also, wash your sheets and bedding in piping hot water once a week.

Mold: Beware of the basement! If you should notice a musty smell or you know that your basement is moldy, then run a dehumidifier and rig a hose system to the outside of your home so that you don’t have to keep emptying the bucket.

These are very common ways to decrease exposure at home, to common allergens. When your allergy symptoms are too much to handle, it’s time to visit the allergist! At Pentucket Medical, we have many “life friendly” remedies to decrease allergic reactions. Learn more on our website.



How Your Gut Bacteria May Affect Your Mental Health

According to mindbodygreen, new research published in Nature Microbiology has revealed an important link between gut health and mental health. The study examined 1,000 individuals with depression and compared the composition of their gut microbiome to those without a depression diagnosis.

As it turns out, the people with depression had lower levels of two kinds of gut bacteria compared to those without. As we always say, correlation isn’t causation — but for his part, the study’s author Jeroen Raes believes it may pave the way to treating depression with probiotics.

Paleo + Vegan = Pegan? The New Diet That’s a Bit of a Mixed Bag Nutritionally

If you’re already having trouble keeping track of all the fad diets going around today, from the ketogenic diet to intermittent fasting, we apologize for adding another to the list: peganism.

This combination of the paleolithic and vegan diets isn’t really vegan — especially since eating fatty fish or other animal foods are often recommended as part of it — but the diet is about emphasizing the consumption of plants over animals and animal products.

The Washington Post asked some nutritionists what they thought about it, and the results were mixed. They definitely dug the focus on plants and omega-3 fatty acids. On the other hand, they weren’t sure the diet jives with what our bodies need every day to keep going long-term.



February 7

Are you sick of sodium? Do you want to discover other, healthiest spices and seasonings? At “Swap Out the Sodium & Spice Up Your Lifeat Nashua Hannaford, dietitian Katy Magoon-Fredette will show you the many different ways you can spice up your meals while cutting out the sodium. Nashua, N.H. | Facebook.com

February 13

Holy Family Hospital‘s Weight Loss Support Group will meet from 6 to 7 p.m. at the Holy Family Auditorium in Methuen. This month’s topic focuses on controlling your food environment. Methuen, Mass. | HolyFamilyHospital.org

February 21

At Lowell General Hospital‘s Dance for Your Heart class from 6:30 to 8 p.m., you’ll learn new dance moves while enjoying three things that are good for your heart: exercise, red wine and dark chocolate! As the mention of wine may indicate, this class is for people 21 and older. Lowell, Mass. | LowellGeneral.org


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