Eight Great Things to Do This Weekend - Thanksgiving 2017

Wellness Wednesdays – 11/7/18


Tips for Managing Holiday Eating

by Patricia Holt, registered dietitian at Pentucket Medical Associates

It’s hard to eat well around the holidays, full of rich meals and desserts. With planning, you can celebrate without losing track of your healthy lifestyle or blood glucose targets. Enjoy holiday foods by keeping the portions under control and eating mindfully. The average adult eats about 3,000 calories in one holiday dinner. Thinking through the meal allows you to pick and choose which items you prefer the most. You don’t have to eat them all.

Appetizer: Fill a small plate, stopping by the veggie and low fat dip first (bean dip, hummus, low fat ranch). Watch portions of cheese or meat, and keep crackers to a handful. Don’t hover near food, socialize! You don’t want to be “stuffed” before you sit down for your meal.

Entrée: Use Choose My Plate – fill one half of the plate with non-starchy vegetables like broccoli, carrots, or Brussels sprouts. Add one fourth of starches like sweet potato, stuffing, or corn casserole. Choose your favorites and watch portions. Fill the last fourth with lean protein (roasted turkey, chicken, ham or fish). Save fruit and dairy sides to swap for a dessert substitution. Remember, the amount of carbohydrate is more important in controlling blood glucose levels than the type.

Dessert: Keep portions small, eat slowly and enjoy your choice. Consider pumpkin custard (pie without crust), apple crisp, chocolate dipped fruit or low fat cheesecake mousse.

Help balance holiday splurges by staying active – take an energizing walk with family or friends after the meal.



Get Emotional When You Listen to Music? Your Brain May Have a Different Structure

Research by former Harvard undergraduate Matthew Sachs shows that “people who connect to music emotionally and physically have different brain structures than those who don’t,” according to Did You Know? writer Matt Gilligan. The study showed that the fibers connecting the cortex that processes audio and the parts of the brain that process emotion are denser in volume — meaning they’re able to send messages back and forth more efficiently. The emotional response when listening to music tends to be the strongest when linked with a powerful memory.

Two-Year-Olds Using Smartphones Have Less Self-Control, Emotional Stability

Anyone who has a two-year-old can probably tell you that self-control and emotional stability are not among their more positive qualities — and yet, according to a study published in the journal Preventive Medicine Reports, smartphone use may exacerbate these difficulties for the “terrible twos.” The Independent reports that children who engaged in frequent smartphone use were twice as likely to lose their temper, and that nearly a quarter of children using the devices for seven or more hours a day experienced a significant drop-off in their curiosity.



November 10

The 6th Annual Walk and Wag for Veterans will be held from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Great Brook Farm State Park. In addition to the scenic walk, there will be food, music and raffles, a Frisbee dog demonstration and more. Carlisle, Mass. | WalkAndWagForVeterans.com

Join Lowell National Historical Park for a walk along the canalways as we say goodbye to the warm weather and welcome the cooler temperatures of fall and winter. Meet the park ranger at the Visitor Center at 10 a.m. for this 2 mile round-trip walk. Lowell, Mass. | Facebook.com

November 15

A Market Education Center will host “Is a Ketogenic Diet Right for You?” At this free event, learn what a low-inflammatory diet means, as well as what foods are considered to be low inflammatory and why. Manchester, N.H. | Eventbrite.com

November 16

Animal Rescue League of NH is hosting a session of Yoga with Bunnies from 6 to 7:30 p.m. During your yoga flow, adoptable bunnies will roam free around you. Bedford, N.H. | RescueLeague.SalsaLabs.org


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