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Optimizing Health Through Nutrition by Design

Ashlynn Moerloos’ passion for nutrition and helping others achieve a healthy lifestyle stems from her personal struggles with an eating disorder. With the support of her family and close friends, along with pursuing a rigorous education in nutrition, she eventually overcame the illness. At Nutrition by Design, part of New England Integrative Health Centers in Salem, N.H., Moerloos is now helping others make sustainable lifestyle changes to achieve optimal health. 

“My personal experiences not only drive my passion for nutrition, but also help me connect on a deeper level with patients who have dealt with similar health conditions and complications that I have,” says Moerloos, a certified international health coach who is studying for a master’s degree in integrative nutrition and herbal medicine. As a health coach, “It’s my job, and my mission, to support my patients in achieving their best health.”

Founded in 2018, Nutrition by Design was developed to help those who suffer with unanswered health conditions despite countless physician visits. Nutrition By Design utilizes the Science Based Nutrition™ platform to decode underlying issues through comprehensive lab testing and reporting as opposed to limited panel, physician-ordered blood tests. “Here at Nutrition by Design, we focus heavily on preventative practices to avoid chronic diseases and start treating patients at the start of the disease process shown through testing,” says Moerloos. 

“I want to be able to help others heal and avoid the continuous discouragement I experienced when turning to conventional medicine for support.”

Nutrition By Design uses food as medicine and heals patients through customized nutrition protocols. These are created through comprehensive blood work and reporting, which is unmatched in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and affordability. Disease processes are established through blood work, EKG, stool samples, hair tests, urine tests and medication side effect assessments. Through the extensive analysis, a patient’s nutritional strengths, weaknesses, and current health status are fully understood. 

The reporting generated through the Science Based Nutrition platform determines health conditions that patients are at risk for, in addition to decoding current health complications. These are often left unidentified by physicians due to limited blood panels. All conditions that are identified are described in-depth in the reporting and are also linked to patient symptoms and test results. Dietary changes and nutritional supplements are recommended for conditions present in order to improve the current health status of the patients. 

According to Moerloos, many patients are surprised at the findings because they feel pretty healthy despite an early stage health condition. For example, she notes that individuals with just 20 percent kidney or liver function show virtually no symptoms. 

“The goal,” Moerloos says, “is to identify the opportunity to make specific dietary and lifestyle changes now, rather than dealing with extremely costly health complications and conditions in the future.” Free consultations are available to learn more about the program and how you can improve your heath. 

For individuals seeking one-on-one support in setting goals and staying accountable, Moerloos offers health coaching through customized programs specific to nutrition education, weight loss and management, increasing physical activity, eating disorders, stress management and achieving lifestyle balance. These programs are available as part of three- or six-month programs, including 60-minute sessions that take place twice per month; either in person, on the phone or via video chat.

To further support healthy sustainable lifestyle changes, Moerloos accompanies patients to the grocery store to demystify nutrition labels, marketing claims and determine the most cost-effective purchases. She assists with food pantry detoxes and offers basic cooking lessons, educating others how to cook healthy on a budget.

“Given my previous struggles,” Moerloos concludes, “this work is extremely personal to me. I want to be able to help others heal and avoid the continuous discouragement I experienced when turning to conventional medicine for support. I’m excited to serve as an advocate for my patients and provide the care they need to live their best and healthiest life.”                        









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