Home Is Where the Art Is

We all know that home is where the heart is, but it’s also a place where we like to look at art that continues to make us happy with the passing of time.

Creating small spaces in your home with art that speaks to your soul makes whatever kind of home you have uniquely special to you. Not all art has to be expensive. A pretty picture that someone painted for you, a framed work from one of your children, or small canvas prints can brighten any wall or space that feels bare.

Filling a large wall with the right-sized picture or painting and using vases and decorative items you already own can make a room come alive. Finish the look off with fresh flowers or your own backyard greenery and you have a stunning vignette in the space you call home.        

This vibrant painting entitled “A Little Bit of Everything” by Stephanie Mobbs Deady almost seems three-dimensional. It is available at Helen Thomas Simply Smashing.
The Green Apple vases are from Acorn Design Center and the flowers are by Les Fleurs. The custom tables are by Brassy Knobs and are available at BrassyKnobs.com. Photo by Emily O’Brien.

A fireplace area is a perfect place to enjoy your hand-picked pieces of artwork. Whether you hang one picture above the fireplace or create a small gallery, you will enjoy both the warmth of the fire and the happiness the pictures create. “Hello Love” is by Stephanie Mobbs Deady. The two paintings to its right, “Glimpse” and “You Look Like a Movie” are by Michele Boshar. These paintings, and the Company C rug, are all available at Helen Thomas Simply Smashing. The 20 inch round stool is by Les Fleurs and the ceramic vase by Savoir Faire Home. Photo by Emily O’Brien.

If you have an entryway, a hallway, or any open areas in your existing home, fill them with fabulous pieces that make you smile when you walk by, such as this painting of Taylor Swift by Rob Surette. Or better yet, create a cozy nook where you can read, meditate or relax in a space that gives you joy because of the pieces you surround yourself with. The dynamic rug is by Company C. The painting and rug are available at Helen Thomas Simply Smashing. Photo by Emily O’Brien.

Above: Sometimes, it pays to get creative with spaces. This staircase is a perfect area for a small vignette. The cow and floral paintings are by Stephanie Mobbs Deady. The gold bamboo side table is by Brassy Knobs and the vases and flowers are by Les Fleurs. Right: Artwork can be displayed in unconventional ways that create a strong effect, as with these gorgeous pieces displayed at the top of the stairs. These works are by John Mulcahy. The Deady and Mulcahy paintings are available at Helen Thomas Simply Smashing. The vase is from Les Fleurs. Photos by Emily O’Brien.

style editor and set design
Lysa Pelletier, Anchor Artists

Emily O’Brien – Boston, Mass.

assistant stylist
Candace Masterson, Anchor Artists

artwork and rugs
Helen Thomas Simply Smashing – Andover, Mass. 

floral, accessories and furnishings
Les Fleurs – Andover, Mass.

accessories and furnishings
Acorn Home & Design Center – Andover, Mass.
Savoir Faire Home – Andover, Mass.

custom tables by
Brassy Knobs – South Boston, Mass.

Acorn Design Center
Andover, Mass.
(978) 273-9717

Brassy Knobs
South Boston, Mass.
(781) 775-3536

Les Fleurs
Andover, Mass.
(978) 475-9669

Savoir Faire Home
Andover, Mass.
(978) 409-6188

Helen Thomas Simply Smashing
Andover, Mass.
(978) 475-7981


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