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Skin Care: Despite the Ads, It’s Not Just for Women

by Kristina Dudley of All Care Laser Center

With the way skin care products and services are incessantly marketed to women, you might fall under the false impression that men shouldn’t care about the way their skin looks and feels, or that they don’t need to worry as much about skin health. Nothing could be further from the truth! It might seem like it goes without saying, but men should not feel afraid to take care of any part their own bodies — especially when, according to The Cut, men between the ages of 15 to 39 are more than twice as likely to die of melanoma as compared to their female peers, and have seen their chances of developing skin cancer increase by 150 percent since 1975.

What can men do to take care of their skin? Well, just about the same things women do, as it turns out: on bright, hot days when you’ll be outside a lot, be sure to use plenty of sunscreen; use a quality razor to shave, and avoid razors with multiple blades, which often cut a little too deep; and, naturally, keep skin moisturized — particularly during the winter months — with any of the nice-smelling creams found everywhere from body shops to supermarkets. And don’t be afraid to come in and ask our opinions and use our services at All Care Laser Center, either: we’ve got a dedicated “For Men” page on the website just for you.


Medical Profile – Anna Jaques Hospital, 3D Mammography

The Power and Promise of 3D Mammography

Anna Jaques Hospital is proud to now offer 3D Mammography, the latest and most advanced technology in breast cancer screening and detection. 3D Mammography is the biggest breakthrough in breast cancer detection in 30 years because it provides clinicians with a level of clarity proven to improve accuracy and reduce call-backs and biopsies. (read more)



Why You Feel the Desire to Eat a “Star Wars” Porg … According to Science!

All right, so this is a bit sillier than our usual wellness news, but hey — it’s the holiday season and a new “Star Wars” movie is out, so some levity seems in order. Apparently, there’s been a debate raging (read: playfully happening between geeks) online about whether or not one would devour one of the cute little porg creatures that steal a few scenes in “The Last Jedi.” According to a story for The Verge by Laura Hudson, the explanation lies in a paper by Professor Oriana R. Aragón entitled “Dimorphous Expressions of Positive Emotion: Displays of Both Care and Aggression in Response to Cute Stimuli.”

“There is a strong response to cuteness that involves the suggestion of eating the cute being,” Aragón told The Verge. According to the professor, “numerous languages, including Bahasa Indonesian, Dutch, French, Greek, and Vietnamese, include expressions about something (or someone) being so cute that the speaker wants to bite or eat it,” writes Hudson.

Study Underway to Determine if Probiotics Can Counter Negative Antibiotic Effects in Kids (and Maybe Adults, Too!)

Antibiotics can be a bit of a godsend when you’re sick, but they also carry with them some side effects — particularly in kids — that don’t make them a whole lot of fun to use, to say the least. Some children develop rashes, while others will experience a bout of severe diarrhea. Now, researchers around the country are attempting to determine if there could be a way to counteract these negative effects of antibiotics by consuming probiotics, which are living strains of bacteria found in food like yogurt, miso soup and kimchi.

“In addition to helping prevent diarrhea in children taking antibiotics, there is some evidence that probiotics could help prevent complications from antibiotics in adults as well,” writes Rob Stein for NPR, “and might help prevent gastrointestinal infections that sometimes occur when people travel to other countries.”



December 28

Each guest at Windsoul Studio‘s special Glow-Yoga Class will receive glow bracelets, necklaces and light-up rings to wear and take home. Parents are welcome to join their “Young Yogi” for this fun event, or drop kids aged 7 and older off with our team for a fun independent experience. Tyngsborough, Mass. | WindsoulStudio.com

January 2

Holy Family Hospital will hold a lecture entitled “Contrarian Endocrinology” by Endocrinologist Neil Ravin. Ravin will talk about folly, myth and pseudoscience for diabetes, osteoporosis, thyroid nodules and hypogonadism during the free seminar from 6 to 7 p.m. Haverhill, Mass. | HolyFamily-Hospital.org

January 18

With the holiday season at an end in mid-January, you finally have some time to refocus on creating a sustainable healthy, balanced lifestyle. Join the YMCA of the North Shore in Plaistow for a nutrition workshop from 7 to 8 p.m. This session will include tips and tricks to maintaining a balanced diet all while juggling a busy lifestyle. Plaistow, N.H. | NorthShoreYMCA.org


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