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Beth Daigle on September 12th, 2016

I have never lived in a major city. While friends talk about their futures in Florida, I dream about city lights, city nights and the unmistakable energy that fills the urban air. I worked in Boston for many years and have always touted it as one of the nicest cities I’ve ever spent time in. It’s clean, charismatic and not too big — just right for me to feel comfortable, yet alive with possibilities. I like that I already know parts of Boston very well, but there is so much more I want to explore.

When I dream of city living, I imagine walking wherever I need to go and eating out on the regular. Truly, I won’t be sad when my days of lunch making and dinner cooking are behind me. Though I have loved raising my daughters, now teenagers, in the suburbs, I’m beginning to crave more.

But will I really like it? If Theresa and Pete Peterson’s experience is any indication, the answer is yes! The Petersons, who are friends of mine, began renting a weekend apartment in the Seaport District of Boston last May. Here’s what Theresa told me about their city escape.

Had you lived in a major city before?
I hadn’t, but Pete lived in the North End for a couple of years before we were married.

What prompted you to make the move?
We’ve both always loved visiting the city for restaurants, sporting events and museums. As our kids got older, life in North Andover started to feel very quiet. We no longer had the kids’ activities to keep us busy, and we needed to find more things to do as a couple. We started doing day trips to Boston almost every weekend, and pretty soon we were checking out apartments.

What do your kids think about it?
The kids (24, 22 and 18) love spending time with us in Boston. We’re not ready to give up our home in North Andover just yet, but we all enjoy the pace and the attractions of the city.

What do you do when you are in the city?
We do a lot of walking. Boston is such a beautiful city to explore on foot. And our building is pet friendly, so our golden retriever joins us every weekend. He loves exploring the city and meeting new people. At night we like to sample the many restaurants. A perfect evening is walking to a cozy bar, sharing wine and appetizers, and watching the Red Sox.

What has been the biggest pro and the biggest con of city living?
Biggest pro: We’re spending weekends doing fun things instead of doing yard work and cleaning. Biggest con: We miss seeing our North Andover friends. We’re hoping they’ll start migrating to the city, too.

Do you have any favorite city spots yet?
The Seaport area where we live is so much fun, especially in the summer. There are lots of outdoor cafés, roof-deck bars, concerts, etc. I also really enjoy getting out on the water for harbor cruises, whale watches and ferries to the Cape and Harbor Islands.

Theresa’s perspective couldn’t be more in line with my city vision. The Petersons are living my dream, which someday I hope to make a reality.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

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