Jewelry of the Room

Trends in Cabinet Hardware: Once overlooked as simply functional and necessary, cabinet hardware now plays a prominent role with decorators. In fact, cabinet hardware is commonly referred to these days as the “jewelry of the room.” I recently visited Fixtures, Etc. in Salem, N.H., and found one of the biggest selections of cabinet hardware I have ever seen. Fixtures carries thousands of options for the kitchen, bath, home office, bar, or any other room in your home where you might need a knob, pull or lever.

So what’s hot in the world of knobs and pulls? According to Trudy Boisvert, owner of Fixtures, Etc., transitional and contemporary styles are the most popular, and the current trend in metal finishes is satin brass. It’s so popular, according to Boisvert, that some vendors have a hard time keeping up with consumer demand. Boisvert says satin brass should not be confused with the shiny polished brass of the ’80s. That finish, she says, is “dead.” Polished and satin nickel, as well as oil-rubbed bronze, although not trending, also continue to be popular.

But metal is just one choice when it comes to cabinet hardware. Leather, Lucite, wood and even Swarovski crystals are all options, and gaining in popularity. The craftsmanship of embossed leather-wrapped handles, hand-carved wooden knobs, and stunningly beautiful crystal pulls really do become the jewelry of the room.

Fixtures, Etc. also carries a wide selection of specialty hardware. Looking to find knobs for your wine room that look like wine bottle corks? How about hand-carved pewter acorns or leaves for your ski house up north? Just about any hobby or theme that interests you can be reflected with hardware.

Changing out old cabinet hardware can also be an affordable way to freshen up your kitchen or bathroom. Home stagers have been using this trick for years because it’s such an easy way to update otherwise dated cabinetry.

Above are a few examples of popular trends in cabinet hardware: metal; leather; Lucite; wood; Swarovski crystals; embossed leather-wrapped handles. Photo by Kevin Harkins.

Above are a few examples of popular trends in cabinet hardware: metal; leather; Lucite; wood; Swarovski crystals; embossed leather-wrapped handles. Photo by Kevin Harkins.

So, with thousands of choices in size, color, style and finish, how do you decide? Here are a few tips to help you choose the right hardware for your cabinets.

1. Consider the style of your cabinets. Are they traditional, transitional, contemporary or modern? The hardware should relate to the style of the cabinets. Contemporary Lucite knobs might look fabulous in a store display but not so great on your traditional cherrywood cabinets. Don’t make the mistake of putting today’s trend on yesterday’s styles.

2. Consider the color of your cabinetry. Satin brass looks gorgeous on white painted cabinets, but not so great on yellow oak. The color of your hardware should complement your cabinets, although not necessarily match them. If possible, bring in a sample cabinet door to see what color and finish looks best before you purchase.

3. Consider your kitchen or bath faucet. If you are not replacing your faucet, make sure the new hardware complements it in both color and style. Mixing metals is fine, and is even somewhat trending, but be sure the style of your new hardware matches the style of the existing faucet.

4. Lastly, be sure to measure correctly when replacing hardware on cabinets where holes already exist to make sure the style you choose will fit. If you cannot bring a cabinet drawer or door to the store, Boisvert says – in the case of pulls that require two holes to install – the best way to measure is from the middle of one hole to the middle of the other.

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