From the Kitchen – Clam Sauce with Pasta Recipe

(when possible, the use of local products is highly recommended )

– 1 pound pasta, cooked (al dente) and drained (we prefer spaghetti)
– (2) dozen or 3 to 4 pounds, whole live local clams (rinsed and scrubbed of surface sand)
– (4) Ttablespoon olive oil
– (2) whole, local leeks, sliced thin
– (1) whole, peeled and chopped local garlic bulb
– (2) rough chopped local tomatoes (optional)
– (3) ears fresh, raw local corn, cut from cobb (leftover corn works, too)
– (10) local basil leaves, stacked, rolled and “chiffonade” cut by an enthusiastic 10-ten year- old (with close supervision )
– (1) stick of butter (local if possible!)


1. In a large sauce pan, with steamer insert, boil (3) cups of water. (Feel free to add local herbs, or beer, or …)
2. Set clams in steamer insert, over boiling water. C—cover and steam clams until all are open. Reduce flame to simmer broth.
3. Remove steamer insert and rinse clams in cold water.
4. Remove clams from shells and roughly chop all clam meat. Discard shells.
5. Continue to reduce broth.
6. In a large skillet, over medium heat, saute the leeks and garlic in olive oil until soft and/or translucent. (while clams are steaming if multi-tasking works for you).
7. Once “melted,” add broth to leeks and garlic and stir.
8. Add wine and butter, stir and and incorporate fully, simmer for additional (15) minutes, as sauce reduces, to desired thickness and taste. Taste. (Remember, a saltier, robust flavor will be cut by the final addition of pasta. Reduction is good. Robust is good.)
9. When flavor is favorable, stir in chopped clams, tomatoes and corn and simmer for 2 two minutes.
10. Add salt and pepper to taste.
11. At time of service, stir in basil, then pasta, and mix completely.


Scott Plath, along with his wife Kathleen, own Cobblestones of Lowell and moonstones, in Chelmsford.


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