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Behind the Music – Master Engineer Adam Ayan

The glitz and glam of the entertainment industry puts a spotlight on its stars like no other, from the musicians who fill arenas, to the household-name actors whose faces are as recognizable as our own. Rarely are the people behind the scenes as glorified for their exceptional talents. This reality is perfectly fine for Grammy… Read More

Alex Prezzano

Joyful Noise

The Party Band Celebrates Music and Life With Its Lively Performances. There is something timeless about the sound of a big, loud, high-energy brass band. Around the beginning of the 20th century, New Orleans-based jazz groups evolved into the marching bands that still romp in parades and at high school and college football games today…. Read More

Alex Prezzano

Guitar Slinger – Gary Hoey

The Notable Merrimack Valley Rocker Continues to Find Success by Mastering New Genres and Techniques. Somewhere deep in the suburban woods of southern New Hampshire a real life rock ’n’ roll guitar hero is hard at work on the next chapter of his already illustrious career. Lowell native Gary Hoey moved back to the Merrimack Valley… Read More

Alex Prezzano